Voucher Codes Philippines – What, why, how?

 Voucher Codes at Money Monster

What is a Voucher Code?

It’s a special code that you enter at the checkout for an instant discount.



Why should you use it?

Voucher codes are a great way to save money when shopping online. The discount is taken immediately from the cart total. There is no need to pre-buy the voucher unlike group buying sites.



How to use voucher codes?

It’s really simple!  During the checkout process, you’ll be prompted to add the voucher code. Voucher codes are also sometimes referred to as a promo code, e-voucher, coupon, or discount code.

Enter the code into the box when requested and the discount will be immediately deducted from your cart total.


Each retailer has a slightly different process for entering a voucher code, so take a moment to be sure you are clear where to enter the code.

Almost all retailers will display the amended basket total prior to taking payment.

Make sure to add the voucher code before confirming your order as most retailers won’t amend or honor a voucher code once you have checked out and paid.



How do I find and copy the voucher code?

Search Money Monster Philippines for your favorite store or browse through the categories.

The best way to make sure you enter a code correctly at the checkout is to copy it onto your clipboard.

You can do this by following these simple steps:

Click “Get Code & Open Site”

This will open the retailer website in a new window and reveal the code.



What is the difference between voucher codes and group buying sites?

Voucher code websites offer an extensive list of codes for an instant discount from the cart total of e-commerce websites. Some offer free shipping or free items too. The vouchers can be used immediately. The codes need to be entered upon checkout on the merchant’s website.

Group buying sites offer discount on particular items. These discounted items has to be bought from the group buying site and is usually redeemable after a long period of time.





Money Monster Philippines is the very first site in the Philippines to offer an extensive list of valid voucher codes.


Anyone is free to search the website to find the best available deals for your favorite stores.

You may also browse the categories for the best savings.


Both the website and the vouchers are completely FREE to use.


Money Monster Philippines updates the voucher codes list daily to ensure that all codes are valid and usable.