Avent Bottles Philippines

Avent Philippines has now released natural bottles. Natural bottles will be joining the classic range.


What is their difference?

While both bottles are widely accepted and are both clear front runners in the baby bottle industry, some moms may still find it hard to decide on which bottle to choose. We will be pointing out a few differences on this article.


Adaptor Ring

Classic bottles has this to prevent leakage. While it is easy to wash and sterilize, it is still another bottle part that has to be cleaned and sterilize, it is also another item that may be lost. Classic bottles cannot be used without this, it will result to leaking.

NAtural Range doesn’t have an adaptor ring. There’s absolutely no leaking too.

Avent Bottle classic



Ergonomic design

The Natural range has a curved body, compared to the classic range that is just straight. The curves enables the baby to hold the bottle comfortably and easily.

The Avent natural curves also makes the bottle look sleeker and sexier.

Baby Outlet Philippines

Avent comparison between Natural and Classic




Unique comfort petals on the nipples

The innovative petal design encourage natural latch on making it easier to combine bottle and breast feeding.

avent nipple



Both bottles are anti colic and BPA free.


Baby Outlet Philippines offers a wide range of Avent bottles.

Size: 4 oz, 9 oz, 11 oz

Packs: Single, twin, triple, quad, starter kit and bundle packs.